Business & Corporate

We help clients creatively solve problems and successfully develop opportunities.

Whether you are starting a business or trying to sell one, our attorneys have decades of experience in negotiating complex corporate matters.  We take the time to understand our clients’ goals, which often helps us to avoid the expense and aggravation of litigation.  From Formation and Dissolution to Contracts and Insurance Matters, Flink Smith’s team of attorneys has the experience, flexibility and steadfastness to guide our clients to the best solution.



Assembling the pieces so you can get down to business.

We have helped countless clients through the corporate and limited liability company formation process, and can do the same for you. Our attorneys understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of organization, including the tax and liability consequences. We will identify your needs and advise you of your options.

After we help you settle on the type of organization, we will commence the process of filing the proper paperwork with the Department of State and draft any necessary documents.

Our Corporate and Business Practice can assist you with building your business, one step at a time.



Protecting your legacy.

Dissolving a business can be more complicated than the formation process. Our attorneys will help you through the dissolution process, divesting the company of all its assets and liabilities. We’ll protect your personal interests and make sure that all the organization’s obligations are fulfilled.

If you’re looking to dissolve a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship, contact our office today and speak with our Corporate and Business Practice attorneys.


Governance & Succession

Experienced counsel on your side.

Our attorneys advise clients of their rights and obligations in their role as corporate shareholders, board members, and/or officers, or as members of limited liability companies. Clients often seek assistance with document management and communications with shareholders, or counsel regarding board decisions and resolutions.

We have also helped many privately-held companies successfully plan and execute transitions of ownership. Having a succession plan in place can ensure a smooth transition in the face of an unexpected departure. Flink Smith Law will help you develop a contingency plan so you can properly manage the uncertainty and expense associated with the loss of a key member of the organization by defining the skills and duties required of particular positions, evaluating and identifying potential succession candidates, and determining the value of the organization.

Call our law office today and speak to one of our attorneys about how we can help you plan the future of your business.



Safeguarding your business.

We have defended corporate clients from allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblower violations, sexual harassment, and other workplace disputes. Our attorneys know how to effectively manage difficult employment matters, eliminating uncertainty quickly and within budget.

Contact our corporate law attorneys for if you need a legal team that can resolve your employment matter efficiently.


Real Estate

Unparalleled experience you can count on.

Our Real Estate Department has been successfully closing residential and commercial real estate transactions for years. Our attorneys and staff coordinate transactions from contract to closing, allowing our clients to concentrate on their daily lives. Our firm also generates title insurance policies in-house to get you to the closing table faster. Whether the transaction involves a 200,000 square-foot warehouse, a parcel of undeveloped land or a house, we will leverage our years of experience to ensure your transaction is a smooth success.

Contact us today to discuss your purchase or sale of real property.



Fair and efficient negotiations.

Our firm has drafted, negotiated and enforced countless contracts for our clients. From simple to complex employment agreements, we’ll ensure that each lease, vendor or any other agreement is clear and protects our client’s interests.

Contact our business law attorneys today regarding your particular contract needs.


Dispute Resolution

Creative solutions to difficult problems.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in litigating complex corporate matters. We take the time to understand our clients’ goals, which ultimately helps us to avoid the expense and aggravation of litigation. Often times we are able to produce a solution that satisfies the interests of all parties.

Our attorneys have defended and prosecuted many cases throughout New York State, including having participated in countless mediations and arbitrations. We understand how to protect our clients’ rights in the courtroom and we’re not afraid to go to trial. In fact, our reputation for fierce advocacy has frequently led to early settlement offers.

Contact our New York attorneys to learn more about how we could help protect your business’ rights as either a plaintiff or a defendant. Direct any inquiries regarding this practice area to Jennifer Dominelli.


Insurance Matters

Decades of insurance know-how.

Many of our attorneys have decades of experience representing insurance companies. We advise businesses of their rights and obligations under liability policies, and let them know if their policy provides coverage in a specific situation. If your insurance company is denying coverage improperly, our attorneys will fight to get you the coverage to which you’re entitled.

Contact our insurance law attorneys today to discuss your insurance matter. Direct any inquiries regarding this practice area to Edward Flink.