After more than 30 years of having his name on the door, starting with Kelleher & Flink in 1984, then Edward Flink & Associates in 1995 and then Flink Smith & Associates in 2000, which changed its name to Flink Smith Law to reflect the acquisition of Favor Smith’s law practice and building in Lake Placid in 2004 and the expansion of the practice to the North Country, the time was right for Ed Flink to pursue the opportunity that Dan Kohane and Mike Perley presented to Ed at the TICL Section of the NYSBA Annual Dinner Meeting earlier this year to join Hurwitz & Fine, one of New York State’s pre-eminent firms.  And thus, on May 15, 2017, Ed Flink and James “ Jamey” Maswick joined Hurwitz & Fine, P. C.,


The relationship between Ed and Hurwitz & Fine was forged over time, based on mutual respect, primarily earned through a close collegial friendship between Paul Suozzi and Ed and multiple interactions between Ed and Dan, the Coverage Guru, both on the lecture circuit and in a few cases.  Initially the approach was to build and manage an Albany office, where Ed had been practicing since 1983, developing a complimentary insurance defense and coverage practice  with plaintiff’s PI and commercial litigation and business counseling to balance things out.  As discussions ensued, Hurwitz & Fine was adroit enough to recognize the value of the Lake Placid practice where Ed and the firm had developed a thriving and diverse practice, and Jamey Maswick had already been recognized as a Super Lawyer Rising star, one of two in the Adirondack Park.  As such, the focus on bricks and mortar has been in Lake Placid where both Jamey and Ed hang their hats, while, on an interim basis, starting with a visual office in Albany, where Ed and Ellen raised their family live and first built his practice.


In Hurwitz & Fine, Jamey and Ed were able to move and grow their business, joining New York State’s best mid-sized firm and being able to provide their clients with resources and talents that the simply could not offer in the much smaller firm.  At the same time, one of the H&F benchmarks and mantras is that it has big firm expertise yet provides the personalized service that a small firm can offer.  


Ed and Jamey hope their many friends and existing clients and referral sources will continue to favor them with cases, and challenges and opportunities to help individuals and businesses in the whole array of legal matters that confront them.  They invite you to find them on the Hurwitz & Fine, P.C. website, www.hurwitzfine.com.  They may be reached by email at ebf@hurwitzfine.com and jlm@hurwitzfine.com.  Telephone in Lake Placid 518 523-2441 and in Albany 518 786-1800.


In the meantime, new FSL partner Jennifer Dominelli and co-founding FSL partner Jay Smith opened Smith, Dominelli & Guetti, with Chris Guetti who had been a long time associate at Flink Smith.  They may be reached by email at jsmith@sdglawfirm.comjdominelli@sdglawfirm.com  and cguetti@sdglawfirm.com, and telephone at their offices in Albany 518 250-4888.